Architectural Guidelines

Architectural Guidelines

(Updated June 2022)

The following is a set of guidelines and procedures that homeowners are required to adhere to when seeking approval from the Architectural Committee to make changes and/or alterations to the exterior of their home. These not only clarify rules found in the Offering Plan and its Amendments, they also ensure that we maintain a beautiful and viable neighborhood for years to come and eliminate warnings due to non-compliance of the Association’s standards.

  • ROOFS: Before work is to be done, a color sample of the new roof must be submitted to the Architectural Committee for approval, along with a certificate of insurance from the roofing company.

  • DOORS: Repainting of the front doors in the existing color needs no approval. If changing the color of a front door, a color swatch of the paint must be submitted to the Architectural Committee for approval. It is strongly suggested that the trim, garage door, and front poles be painted in a neutral color (e.g., brown, beige, white, cream). Approval must also be sought for installing or replacing screen doors.

  • FRONT COLUMNS: Existing columns should not be covered, sided, or embellished with sculptural elements. Any replacement of a column should conform as closely as possible to the original style.

  • MAILBOXES: Mailboxes, posts, and sleeves should conform in appearance with the others in The Hollows. Any repairs or new installations must be approved the Architectural Committee. 4x4 pressure-treated posts are to be covered in PVC with a contemporary cap. Paper slot and support brace are to be constructed out of “PVC wood.” The post and sleeve are to be tan in color to match the boxes that are new. The metal oversize mailbox is to be brown in color and match the new existing boxes.

  • AIR CONDITIONERS AND GENERATORS: Pictures and specifications for installing air conditioners and generators must be submitted for approval. Air conditioners and generators should be installed in the back of the home.

  • DECKS: Colors other than the original colors of a deck must be submitted to the Architectural Committee for approval, along with a color swatch. If re-staining in its existing color, a color swatch is not necessary. Stains should be neutral in color.

    If a deck is to be rebuilt, it must comply, as closely as possible, to existing sizes and standards and requires Architectural Committee approval. Decks and railings should be made of treated wood or synthetic materials that look like wood. The deck size may not be increased as to encroach into the common areas of any common area.
  • AWNINGS: Color, size, and mount must be submitted to the Architectural Committee for approval before work is started.

  • GRASS AREA 2-3 FEET AROUND HOUSE FOUNDATION: The Association takes care of cutting the grass in this area; however, it is up to each homeowner to maintain the area. It is at the discretion of each homeowner to add soil, plants, and/or seed to the area to ensure an attractive result.

  • BUSHES: Bushes at the front of each house and along the driveway are the responsibility of the Association. The Architectural Committee has discretion when a bush needs replacement. Any replacement shrub shall be the same size as that replaced. If a homeowner wishes a larger or costlier bush, then the homeowner will assume the additional cost. Maintenance of bushes around the sides and back of the house are the responsibility of the homeowner. This includes costs for replacement, maintenance, and trimming.

  • BUSH TRIMMING: Bushes at the front of each home and along the driveway will be trimmed by the Association. If after any cutting a home or roundabout is inadvertently missed, a member of the Architectural Committee should be notified so the situation can be rectified in a timely manner.

  • SIDING: Existing siding and overhangs are to be kept clean and dirt free. If a homeowner is cited for dirty or unkempt siding, the owner will be notified and given up to 30 days to rectify the situation. The Architectural Committee should be notified when the repair is scheduled and when it is completed. Any new or replacement siding must be submitted to the Architectural Committee for approval, along with a sample of the siding, before work commences.

  • TV DISHES: Installation of TV dishes on a house is generally not favored. If necessary, however, a dish should be mounted in the most inconspicuous and nonintrusive spot on the outside of the home. Location of the mount must first be approved by the Architectural Committee before work is started.

  • OUTDOOR LIGHTS: Outdoor lights (garage/front door/patio) must be traditional in look and design, and be either brass or antique in color.

It is the desire of the Architectural Committee to further address your needs and we will keep homeowners informed as to future activities and decisions. The Architectural Committee always welcomes your input and ideas on any architectural issues that might better our Association.

See also: General Homeowner Restrictions and FAQs.

Jerry Glaser, Architectural Committee Chair
Judy Bartel
Bob Crean
Diane Daly
Joan Johnson
Pete Witteman


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