Governance Documents

Attached below are scanned copies of all official governance documents related to The Hollows of Loch Lea.

The documents include:
  1. Offering Plan for Original Development of The Hollows (for information only, since the developer Randaccio completed construction and sales of all the homes in The Hollows)
  2. Declaration of Protective Covenants, Conditions, Easements, Restrictions, etc.
  3. ByLaws: Organizational Items (Membership, Voting, Meetings, Officers, Property Management, etc.)
  4. Amendments:
    a. Amendment No. 1: Planting of trees, storm/screen doors and awnings, and pets
    b. Amendment No. 2: Pets (amendment to Amendment No. 1)
    c. Amendment No. 3:  Signs, leasing/renting of homes, and mailboxes
  5. Resolutions: Clarifications approved regarding By-Laws and Amendments:
    a. Pet Policy
    b. Fines for Rule Violations

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