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The following information provides answers to frequently asked questions about how our neighborhood operates.

1) How is garbage handled?
The Association handles garbage collection and recycling. Garbage and recyclables are collected on Tuesday mornings, except on holiday weeks, when it occurs one day later (Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year's, Memorial Day, July 4th, and Labor Day). Garbage and recyclables should be placed at the curb after 6:00 pm the evening before. Contact Lisa if your home is missed or you encounter any other difficulties with this.

2) What should be recycled?
-Newspaper, office paper, phone books, paper bags, and junk mail (not hardcover books)
-Cardboard (flattened), pizza boxes (waxed paper removed)
-Clean and emptied containers - jugs and bottles with small top openings, clear bottles and jars, aluminum cans, metal cookware, steel, and tin cans
NOT ACCEPTABLE: aerosol cans, batteries, lights, styrofoam, wood, dishes/ceramics, clothing or rags, yard waste, electrical cords and electronics, medical supplies or waste, paint, flammable liquids or anything with gas or propane, garden hoses, pools or liners, tarps, concrete, chemicals or household cleaners

3) How is snow removed?
The Association handles snow removal through a contractor. All driveways, porches, and roads are plowed whenever there are 3 inches or more accumulation. If your home is missed or difficulties occur, please contact Lisa.

4) Who does salting when it's icy?
The Association is responsible for plowing and shoveling streets, driveways, and walkways. When weather conditions create the potential for a significant icing event, the Association will salt Avon Lea, the main circle, and Stonehaven. It is at the owner’s discretion to salt their own driveway, walkway, and porch. Being that we are a community of good neighbors, if an owner is not capable of spreading salt on their own during icy conditions, please ask a neighbor to help.

We recommend that homeowners use a calcium chloride-based salt product (not rock salt) that is highly effective in melting ice but does not cause damage to concrete surfaces. Calcium chloride-based salt products can be purchased at any home improvement store, including Lowe’s, Valu Home Center, and Home Depot.

Homeowners should exercise extreme caution when navigating on foot or in their vehicle when there is a severe winter and/or icing event.

5) Who cuts the grass?
The Association handles grass cutting of all common areas and all homes through a contractor. It occurs every one to two weeks during the growing season, depending on growth. If needed, communicate about your grass to Lisa.

6) What is my property and what is the "Common Area?"
The following guidance is offered regarding the Hollows Board’s understanding of property ownership.

Each lot in The Hollows is 45’ x 75’ and is the envelope within which each house is constructed. While lot sizes are the same, surveys will show that each house is situated differently on its lot. However, for consistency and clarity, each homeowner will be allowed to consider approximately two feet around the perimeter of the house, including the deck, as the owner’s property. It is important to note that anything beyond the two-foot perimeter of the house is the property of the Association and is considered part of the “common areas” of The Hollows.

“Common area” is defined by any and all green space and plantings beyond the perimeter described above.  “Common area” is the responsibility of the Association, and homeowners are not to plant, remove, maintain, or otherwise disturb “common areas” without prior consent from the Architectural Committee.  Please note that the maintenance of approved planting(s) is the responsibility of the homeowner.

Homeowners may plant and maintain any greenage within the two-foot perimeter along the sides and the back of their house. The plantings in the front beds and along the driveway are maintained by, and are the responsibility of, the Association.  It should be noted that any plantings or replacement plantings in these front areas by an owner require Architectural Committee approval.

7) I would like to volunteer for a committee. How do I do that?
We welcome you to become a member of any of our Committees!  Check out the Committee pages on this website to find one that interests you and then email the Board at: [email protected].

8) What if I want to redo something on or around my house?
Any changes to the exteriors of homes (such as the replacement of front, side, or garage doors, windows, roofs, siding, lights, landscaping, awnings, etc.) must receive Architectural Committee approval.

9) Are pets permitted?
According to our governance documents, each household may have 1 dog or 2 cats as pets, with the dog weighing no more than 30 pounds at maturity. Pets must be properly controlled and are not permitted to run loose or to be chained on Association Property. Pets must be accompanied and leashed at all times; owners must clean up after their pets and also act in compliance with any local leash laws relative to their pets. (See Amendments 1 and 2 and the additional Resolution on Pets in the Governance folder on the website)

10) What if I need help with the website? Or if I have a suggestion about something to include?
Contact any of the webmasters (Betsy Zazycki, Vicki Pappas, or Vicki Bashaw) at [email protected].

[If you have other questions, please send them to [email protected]]

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